2016 Riesling Anderson Valley

Anderson Valley

Like walking through a summer garden on a windy afternoon, this wine sends off pleasing notes of jasmine, gardenia and citrus blossoms, mingled with that oh-sopleasing whiff of petrol that is Rieslings signature calling card. With barely detectable residual sugar (.3%), this wine walks the perfect balance beam between bracing acidity and pleasing fruitiness. Flavors of lemon, candied lime, kiwi and nectarine gush forth from what seems an endless supply of juiciness. Towards the finish, you will notice a bit of mango, with a finish that is decidedly all about peach. From one of our favorite vineyards, Greenwood Ridge, this Riesling is always one of the last whites into the barn. We enjoy this vintage Riesling with Grilled Sausages and Sauerkraut or Split Pea soup with Ham.

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